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36th Annual NCPC Meet: July 16-20, 2014, Budd Lake, NJ

The meet headquarters and show field were at the Holiday Inn, 1000 International Drive, North Budd Lake, New Jersey. Photos are all from the car show.

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NCPC 2014 National Meet Activities

Wednesday Night, July 16 Driving Tour, starting at 5 pm:

Cruised from the hotel to the Chatterbox Drive-in at Rt. 206 and Rt. 15 in Augusta (17 miles, 1 State Highway 15) for dinner.


Thursday, July 17 Driving Tour, 9 am:

Cruised from the host hotel to Space Farms Zoo and Museum on 218 Route 519 in Sussex, NJ (25.4 miles from the hotel). Space Farms is a zoo with over 500 animals, of 100 different species. The museum contains antique cars, motorcycles, farm implements, tools, dolls, clocks, tractors, sleighs, and Native American artifacts. They have the second largest privately owned collection of antique firearms in the United States. They also have a lunch counter.

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Friday, July 18, 9 am:

Cruised from the host hotel to the Sterling Hill Mine Tour and Museum at 30 Plant Street, Ogdensburg (18 miles from the hotel), to tour an underground mine and visit a mining museum.

At 12:30, cruised to Waterloo Village, 1-2 Waterloo Road, Stanhope, NJ (at Continental Drive, 10 minutes from our host hotel). Waterloo Village is a restored village which was a stop on the Morris Canal. The Morris Canal originally ran from Phillipsburg, NJ to Jersey City, NJ

7:30 pm: Annual membership meeting, followed by Fun Action at around 8 pm.

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Saturday 7/19/14 Car Show and Awards Banquet


Sunday “Happy Trails” Driving Tour:

At 9 am, we went go to the Morris Canal inclined plane # 9 West in Lopatcong, NJ, where we saw the longest inclined plane on the Morris Canal that was powered by a water turbine. We then cruised to Bread Lock Park and Thomas Edison’s Concrete Mile in New Village, NJ (25.9 miles south-west of the hotel) after noon. Bread Lock Park is a historical section of the Morris Canal which ran from Phillipsburg, NJ to Jersey City, NJ for 100 years.

Thomas Edison’s Concrete Mile and site of his concrete company are nearby. It is a piece of Route 57 that we actually drove on. Edison experimented with concrete roads when nearly all USA roads were dirt (Edison concrete houses are scattered through New Jersey).

power wagon

2014 Meet Hosts: Tom Buss and Bob Kapral • Meet Committee Chairperson: Rosemary Snyder